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What are the side effects of eating probiotics? Who cannot eat probiotics?

As a good probiotic, there are generally few restrictions, and most people can eat it to maintain their health.

But the essence of probiotics is still bacteria. In some cases, such as immune problems, bacterial infections, undergoing chemotherapy, newborns, special major diseases, and people taking special drugs, it may not be suitable and requires more attention. It is recommended to consult a professional physician first, evaluate it, and then decide whether to consume it.

In addition, individuals with poor digestive function and sensitivity to lactose may also have mild side effects after using probiotics.

If you meet the above conditions, it is recommended to consult a professional physician before consuming probiotics. Supplementing probiotics under the guidance of a physician will be more reassuring.

How long does it take for probiotics to be effective? Can it be eaten for a long time and every day?

The gut microbiota requires time to cultivate and allow good bacteria to grow steadily. Therefore, probiotics need to be consumed for a long time and in a regular and quantitative manner every day to effectively maintain a good digestive environment.

However, due to the different conditions of each individual, their perception of the same probiotics also varies. For example, for individuals with severe imbalance of the digestive tract microbiota, the body's microbiota needs to be adjusted for a long time. At the beginning of taking probiotics, the perception may not be very obvious, and it will improve after the microbiota is balanced. Therefore, it is recommended to first use 1-2 months as the experimental period, and then evaluate whether it is effective.

Additionally, it is important to remind everyone that if you immediately feel the sensation after consuming probiotics, it is likely due to the addition of laxative ingredients such as Abrams, Senna leaves, Aloe vera, and Magnesium oxide. Long term consumption can add extra metabolic burden to the body, so it is important to pay more attention when choosing.

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