May International Labour Day

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Dear customer,

Hello! Thank you for your continuous support and trust in our company. We hereby announce to you the arrangement for the Labor Day holiday.

According to the national statutory holiday arrangement, Labor Day will be held from May 1st to May 5th every year. In order to allow employees to enjoy this important holiday, we have decided to take a vacation during this period.

Our office will be closed during Labor Day. If you have any urgent matters or need assistance, please contact us in advance before the holiday, and we will do our best to provide you with support.

During this period, you can still place orders and make inquiries through our online platform. Our customer service team will process your order and inquiries as soon as possible after the holiday ends.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of our company. Labor Day is a time for us to pay tribute to all hardworking people and also an opportunity for us to relax and rest. We hope you can also join us

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