Probiotics developing rapidly

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In the 21st century, people are paying more and more attention to health issues, and Chinese consumers generally accept the idea of "homology of medicine and food". 

They prefer food therapy rather than medical treatment, so their choice of food gradually shifts from "delicious" to "healthy". The potential market demand is released, 

and probiotics, as a popular product with health as its selling point, are expected to reach a market size of nearly 140 billion yuan by 2025.

In recent years, whether it is on supermarket shelves, social media platforms, or in various advertisements, the word "probiotics" has become ubiquitous, and consumer

 awareness of probiotics has also been continuously improving.

When you feel unwell after a full meal, there are always people who suggest drinking yogurt or eating probiotics. Regulating the gastrointestinal tract, aiding digestion, and 

promoting metabolism have become synonymous with the role of probiotics, firmly occupying the minds of consumers.

But in fact, the role of probiotics goes far beyond that. Different strains of probiotics play a positive role in regulating the immune system, absorbing nutrients, and preventing

 various diseases. Various studies have shown that gut microbiota and its metabolites can play important roles in the communication between the intestine and brain through

 mechanisms such as nerves, endocrine systems, and immunity, which is the concept of the "gut brain axis".

However, it is worth mentioning that people at different stages have different physical conditions, and the performance of probiotics also has strain and population specificity. 

Therefore, consumers need to choose functional probiotic products in a targeted manner.

Zhongke-Jiayi Bioengineering Co., Ltd was established in 2005 and is a probiotics manufacturer which has been focusing on research and development and production of probiotics 

powder for 19 years.We have 3000 strains in our collection,more than 300 industrialized probiotic strains with clear functions and sources,  24 strains patented in China and 2 strains 

patented internationally.

We can offer flexible customized solutions  from single strain to premix blend to meet customers' needs.The products are widely  used in food applicated products, juices, 

gummies, chocolate, candies, bakeries etc.,dietary supplements,beverage,healthcare, medicine,dairy products and pets foods/animal feed additives etc.and has passed

 ISO22000, HALAL certification, with a full range of products export qualification, products have been exported to Asia, America, Europe ,and many other countries and regions.

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