What are brain gut axis and mental probiotics?

                        What are brain gut axis and mental probiotics?

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  The braingut axis is a bidirectional communication pathway composed of the gut, the gut nervous system 

(the "second brain" in the human body that regulates gastrointestinal function), and the brain. The vagus 

nerve, immune and neuroendocrine systems, neurotransmitters and metabolites, and gut microbiota are 

key nodes in the braingut axis pathway that play their respective mechanistic effects, and are  crucial for 

regulating important bodily functions such as immunity, digestion, metabolism, satiety, and stress response

 The vagus nerve is a part of the nervous system and is the longest and most widely distributed brain nerve

 in the human body. The vagus nerve emits multiple branches in the neck, chest, and abdomen, innervating 

the organs in the neck, chest, and most of the organs in the abdominal cavity. It can regulate the circulatory, 

respiratory, and digestive systems. The vagus nerve transmits motion signals between the brain and organs 

(including intestinal cells), and can also bring back sensory signals from the intestine to the brain, enabling 

the brain to "perceive" the environment in the intestine!

  Microorganisms in the gut can produce neurotransmitters and neuroactive molecules, thereby affecting the 

brain. Scientific evidence suggests that gut microbiota can affect brain function, stress response ability, emotional 

perception, and even behavioral performance. Therefore, the microbiota gut brain axis plays an important role in

 overall health, which is related to mental and cognitive health.

  It is worth looking forward to that the brain gut axis is opening up innovative opportunities for the mental health

 related market, and more and more scholars are conducting research in the field of emotional probiotics. At present, 

scientific research refers to living organisms that can bring mental health benefits to their hosts after consumption.

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